There are skills in kitchen decoration, and you need to look at these 5 points in the selection of cabinets!

In the kitchen decoration, the cabinet is the main event, the largest area, and the price calculation is also the largest proportion. There are also many people who choose the whole cabinet when decorating.

What is a whole cabinet?

First of all, we have to pay attention to the overall quality of the whole cabinet. The plate should be environmentally friendly, the table must be beautiful and practical, and the quality of hardware and other accessories must be excellent. The basic quality has passed, and it can guarantee a certain service life.

Board edge size exposure workshop

The quality cabinets are fine and smooth, the hand feels good, the sealing line is straight and smooth, and the joints look very fine. And the edge banding machine completes the whole process from sealing to polishing. This pipeline operation ensures dimensional accuracy.

Manual hand-applied, manual pressure-sealing, and paper-cutting trimming of small workshops will result in many places being weak, and it is easy to open the rubber in a short period of time. Ingress of water, expansion, and release of large amounts of toxic gases are also common problems.

The problem of the hole position should be noted

Whether the drawer slides are smooth, whether there is looseness, and whether the edges of the gaps are uniform is also a detail problem that needs attention.

Choosing the whole cabinet made by a professional manufacturer will guarantee the quality and help us to buy the best.

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