Two major categories of biometric technology

[ Huaqiang Security Network News ] As the most advanced biometric technology in the access control system, it has far-reaching influence in the industry. At present, it has a clear understanding of biometrics from two aspects.
Biometric technology
The first is a separate front-end reader, that is, the biometric read head. We can output a reader connection format to upload and download fingerprints via IP. It is better to have the access controller in the access control. The professional access control controller can realize the access function, integrated monitoring and alarm integration, and the unified cooperation of the biometric front-end technology and the professional access control system will be more mainstream access control system application.
In addition, the biometric identification of the integrated machine is integrated. The biometric front end and the access control are integrated in a whole chassis. The configuration can be divided into combination, time zone, alarm input and output, door magnetic input, doorbell interface and other outputs. You can request more than 500 users and support passwords and other related function settings, these functions will use the performance of the all-in-one machine to show the good practicality, but the security of the product has certain limitations, so in some security performance requirements We should use it with caution in a wide range of places.
In short, biometric technology is a widely circulated topic in the current development. According to the progress of the times, biometric technology as a small branch of the access control system will have a broader development prospect.

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