Union has made "Chinese-style" for the family to pay attention to tradition

In the modern home furnishing industry, there is a popular word called “New Chinese Style”, which means “new Chinese furniture”, which refers to Chinese furniture with modern characteristics and modern living. But in the home industry, many people pay attention to "new", while ignoring "middle", often style new, but the essence has changed.

For the family , the innovation of mahogany furniture should be called "Chinese-style": "zhong" is the main, and "new" is the supplement. What is "中中"? “中中” refers to the traditional Chinese furniture crafts, including traditional enamel crafts, woodworking crafts, carving crafts, and the process of lacquering and waxing, especially the enamel structure, which is the fundamental feature distinguishing Chinese classical furniture from Western furniture. China's unique craft culture. In addition, “middle” also means that the design of furniture is not unconstrained, and the various elements are piled up at random, but it contains the excellent traditional culture of China and is the confirmation and embodiment of Chinese traditional culture.

What is "Chinese-style"?

"Chinese-style" refers to Chinese-style furniture that is based on traditional Chinese craftsmanship and is ingeniously combined with the characteristics of the times to create an adaptation to the times. Here, it is very important that the traditional skills of "China" must not change. This is the essence left by the ancestors and the foundation of Chinese furniture. "New" will continue to change with the times. Variety.

As the leader of “Chinese-style”, Union’s furniture has three outstanding features: First, all the mahogany furniture uses the craftsmanship of classical furniture, such as enamel, woodwork, hand-carved, lacquer, etc. The process of 108 processes; the second is that the furniture presents the characteristics of fashion, simplicity and youthfulness. The style design is more innovative and more suitable for modern home life. Thirdly, the furniture design must be innovated on the basis of inheritance, integrating traditional culture into it. To ensure that each piece of furniture "has a history."

Of course, based on the above three principles, the source of furniture can be diversified. Not only can you learn from the classic style of Ming and Qing furniture, but also can be traced back to Tang and Song furniture; not only can you use the elements of Western furniture, but also the essence of Southeast Asian home. It has the most fashionable quality of the moment, and is deeply attracted to you when you accidentally see it.

What are the advantages of "Chinese-style" furniture?

Advantage 1: The material is made of real mahogany and all mahogany. Union is the "Chinese-style" furniture for the family, and the "Chinese" is the foundation. Therefore, the materials used by Union for the production of mahogany furniture must be the mahogany of the national standard mahogany "three categories, eight categories and 33 types", and the types meet the national standard requirements. At the same time, Union for the family insisted on going to the white skin, to the insects, to the rotten heart, and the wood used for making furniture is the highest quality wood. Due to the preciousness of mahogany, the state stipulates that the production of mahogany furniture can use no more than 10% of white skin, while the Union of Friends is a white skin.

Advantage 2: Traditional crafts, strong appreciation. The core part of Chinese furniture is its craftsmanship. The reason why Youlian advocates “Chinese-new style” is to promote traditional furniture making process. In the Union of Friendship for the home, the production of mahogany furniture has always adhered to the use of the most traditional crafts, such as enamel, woodworking, carving, lacquer, etc., with "6 major processes 108 procedures", "four major lost crafts", and nearly two thousand A skilled craftsman not only guarantees the tradition of craftsmanship, but also guarantees the exquisite craftsmanship.

Advantage three: long service life, like old furniture in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Union's "Chinese-style" furniture, which has many advantages that many "new Chinese" furniture can't match, is its service life. The mahogany furniture made by Youlian is made of pure enamel craftsmanship, and the materials are accurate, so the service life is long, and it can have the service life of hundreds of years like the old furniture of Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Advantage 4: Inheritance and innovation, classic timeless. Union Furniture is also characterized by the absorption of the essence of traditional culture and the integration of modern fashion elements, making the newly created furniture have her unique story, becoming "popular" and becoming a classic.

In general, the "Chinese-new" furniture advocated by Union for the first time is to adhere to the traditional Chinese craftsmanship, Chinese furniture materials (national standard mahogany), and China's excellent traditional culture, and then to adapt to the needs of the times, innovative style. Such mahogany furniture, with high process value, long service life and appreciation value, can also be called real mahogany furniture. On the other hand, some new Chinese furniture on the market pays attention to the new style, but completely ignores the use value of the furniture, and the production process has become simple and hasty, completely abandoning the meaning of the mahogany furniture itself.

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