Use of avermectin biopesticide

Because of the high environmental protection of bio-pesticide, the bio-pesticide developed in recent years is mainly used to promote the use of Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt), avermectin, tobacco and ginseng three biological pesticide varieties and their compounding agents. The three bio-pesticides have different mechanisms of action, and they are different in different crops and in controlling different pests and insects. The pesticides are briefly described in the use of avermectin bio-pesticides:

First, the characteristics of the role

Avermectin is a new type of antibiotic broad-spectrum high-efficiency insecticidal and acaricidal agent. It has stomach toxicity, contact toxicity, and has an infiltration effect. It can kill latent leaf pests but has no ovicidal effect. The agent is a nerve agents, pest to disrupt neural physiological activities to kill insects, and insecticides in a different mechanism of action, and so no cross-resistance common insecticides, organophosphorus suitable for controlling Insecticides or pests that have developed resistance to pyrethroid insecticides. The dosage of the active ingredient per 667m2 of the medicament is 0.1-0.4g, which is only 1/100~1/50 of the effective ingredient of the common insecticide per 667m2. The pest will rapidly paralyze within a few hours after ingestion or contact with the medicament. Symptoms such as refusal to eat, slow movement, etc., can not continue to harm the plant until death; 2 to 3 days after application, the insecticidal effect reaches the peak period, the effective period can reach 7 to 15 days, and the control effect can reach more than 90%. . The emulsification of avermectin is acutely orally poisoned, and the acute percutaneous is low in toxicity. It is safe for humans and animals in the usual dosage range, safe for birds and natural enemies of birds, but for fish, shrimp, bees and other organisms. It is highly toxic; the agent sprayed on the surface of the plant can be quickly decomposed and decomposed (except for the agent that penetrates into the leaf surface). It is adsorbed and fixed in the soil and is decomposed by microorganisms, which is easily degraded in water, in the living body and environment. There is no cumulative effect and no pollution.

Second, the method of use

At present, there are many factories producing avermectins agent, registered varieties produce more than 100, wherein a single agent, compounding agent (e.g. cypermethrin, phoxim, dichlorvos mixed), the original Medicines, etc., the product name and the content of the active ingredients are different, so pay more attention to avoid mistakes.

1. Control of Liriomyza sativae 1 on the cucumber can be used with 1.8% worm emulsifiable concentrate 2500 times solution, or 1.8% worm enamel emulsifiable concentrate 3000 times solution; or 40% green vegetable emulsifiable concentrate (mixed with dichlorvos), each 667m2 with 90g of medicament, spray 50kg of water. 2 Spray on the zucchini with 25% solution of 1.8% Abatin EC. 3 Spray on tomato with 1.8% worm light emulsion 3000 times solution or 1.8% worm emulsifiable concentrate 2500 times solution. 4 Spray on the kidney bean with 1% sea chlorhexidine (7051 chlorfenapyr) 3000 times solution and 667m2 spray 60kg liquid. 5 Spray on green vegetables with 1.8% Abatin EC 3000 times solution.

2. For the control of Plutella xylostella, 1.8% of the sputum sputum emulsifiable concentrate 4000 times solution, 667 m2 spray 50 kg of the drug solution; or 1.8% of the insecticidal emulsifiable concentrate 4000 times solution; or 0.05% of the avermectin WP, the effective concentration is 1mg/L, 667m2 spray 75kg liquid; or 20% chlorophyll emulsifiable concentrate (mixed with phoxim) 1000~3000 times liquid, spray control against cabbage on the cabbage.

3. Noctuidae (S. cerevisiae, Spodoptera exigua) can use 1% sea chlorhexidine 1000-2000 times liquid, 667m2 spray 60kg liquid medicine on the solanaceous fruit; or use 1.8% Awei worm clearing oil, 667m2 0.75 ~ 1.5g, spray on water.

4. Cabbage worm 1 can use 0.6% Haizheng worm spirit 6000-8000 times liquid, 667m2 spray 150kg liquid medicine on the cabbage; 2 can use 1.8% worm light emulsifiable concentrate 4000 times liquid, 667m2 spray 50kg liquid medicine on the cauliflower; 3 Or spray with 1.0% Avermaria emulsifiable concentrate, 667m2 with 0.2-0.4g.

5. Whitefly è™± On the tomato, use 1.8% Aifuding EC 2000-3000 times liquid, 667m2 spray 50kg liquid.

6. Aphids can be sprayed on cabbage, tomato, and can be sprayed with 1% insecticidal emulsifiable concentrate 1000-2000 times.

7. Amaranth roots At the end of the adult stage, 0.15 kg of 1% Aifuding emulsifiable concentrate per 667 m2 is diluted with water and evenly watered with water at the leeks.

8. Root-knot nematode In the nursery period, 1 mL of 1.8% Aifuding EC can be used per m2 seedbed, and sprayed with 1kg of water (diluted 1000 times); when planting, use 1.8% Aifuding EC, diluted with 1mL per m2, 1000 times liquid is sprayed on the surface of the soil; after planting, it can be irrigated with Effort emulsifiable concentrate 1000 times solution for 1 to 2 times at intervals of 10 to 15 days.

9. Vegetable leafhopper, yellow stripe and other cruciferous vegetable pests, with 0.15% synergistic arbutin emulsifiable concentrate or 0.2% avermectin emulsifiable concentrate 1000-1500 times solution, or 0.5% avermectin WP 2500- 5000 times solution, or 0.9% avermectin EC 4000-6000 times solution, or 1.8% Affordin EC 2000 times solution, or 1.8% avermectin EC 6000 times solution evenly sprayed.

The avermectin bio-pesticide is introduced here, and I hope more friends can choose bio-pesticide.

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