Water filter water has no nutrition? Stop it!

With the rapid development of the water purifier industry, more and more families have begun to use water purifiers to ensure the safety of daily drinking water. However, there have always been some voices in the “black water purifier,” saying that what the water purifier has filtered is “scratch water”, which is nutritious and cannot be used for long periods of time. These true and false Mo become a "health reminder" to let our consumers look at the flowers in the fog. Regarding whether the clean water can be used for a long time, listen to Professor Wang Zhansheng, professor of clean water industry at Tsinghua University, to answer this question for consumers:
Question one: net transmission "pure water not only does not contain any trace elements, but also all the nourish the body's life ions in the water is also removed, this kind of water, the more you drink the body fluid acidier?"
Academician Wang Zhansheng put forward the following opinions on this issue:
1. There is no scientific definition of “living ions”. Pure water refers to water that is purified by filtration, heating, etc. Without additives, it can be directly consumed. According to the purification method, different types of pure water, for example, filtered RO reverse osmosis treatment are filtered water. The filtered water treated with RO reverse osmosis contains a small amount of trace elements required by the human body, not 100% removal.
2. Purified water does not contain any trace elements, but after processing, the essential mineral elements such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium are significantly reduced.
3, pure water is a neutral or weak acidity, acidification through the gastric juice, intestinal absorption, and will not change the pH of the organs and tissues. “For the human body, drinking water is essentially H2O supplementation.” The normal pH of human body fluids is between 7.35 and 7.45. Although the body constantly produces and takes up acids and bases, the body fluid pH does not change significantly. . This is because, on the one hand, human body fluids are a buffer system, and the pH value is less affected by the outside world; on the other hand, the regulation of the lungs and kidneys will reduce the significant changes in pH. Drinking purified water for a long period of time does not cause body fluids to become more acidic. Therefore, eating acidic substances and eating alkaline substances have no effect on the human body.
4, "I do not agree with the "living ion" statement. The food contains nutrients needed by the body, water is mainly to provide body fluids needed."
Doubt II: Often drinking pure water will have "cartilage"?
1. There are many ways for the body to absorb trace elements. Water is only one of them, and the ratio is not large; there are also many ways for the body to absorb water, such as meals and drinks. "The cause of rickets is vitamin D insufficiency, calcium content is too low or improper ratio of calcium and phosphorus, sun exposure and other reasons." The main way for the human body to eat nutrients is diet, a variety of foods such as eggs, fish Animals, animals, meat, etc. are rich in calcium and phosphorus and other elements, so the "drinking of pure water can cause osteomalacia" this argument is unscientific, rumors are not reliable.
2, the role of water in the human body is: 1, food digestion; 2, nutrient delivery; 3, blood circulation; 4, waste excretion; 5, body temperature regulation. We have never heard of a person in the absence of nutrition and vitamins, the doctor asked the patient to drink what water to supplement nutrition.

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