Weak prospects for weak PVC reform

Poor PVC is hard to change

First, the market briefly outlined the negative clouds, PVC market weakness is difficult to change. The attitude of traders is generally poor, plus some petrochemical companies cut the ex-factory price, the industry is willing to ship a higher, part of the lower delivery of goods, but the downstream market is weak, the overall transaction worrying.

Second, the upstream market summary Friday crude oil ** settlement price rose slightly, the New York Mercantile Exchange in December light and low * crude oil ** settlement price rose 40 cents to $ 94.60 a barrel, ICE Brent December crude oil ** settlement The price rose $1.66 from the four-month low touched on Thursday to $105.12 a barrel.

On Friday (November 8th), Asian ethylene prices were stable, CFR Northeast Asia reported at 1374.5-1376.5 USD/ton, and CFR Southeast Asia reported at 1423.5-1425.5 USD/ton.

Third, the market quotes around the market price of PVC weak, trading atmosphere is generally, part of the holdings wait and see.

The PVC market in Guangzhou offers a slight increase, and the wait-and-see atmosphere is stronger. At present, there is a slight improvement in the atmosphere, and some of them hold wait-and-see attitudes. The price of various ordinary stone materials is 6400-6460 yuan/ton, Tianhu material is 6420 yuan/ton, new material is 6370 yuan/ton, Tianchen is 6500 yuan/ton, Tianneng is 6490 yuan/ton, Jinlu Expected to be 6,530 yuan / ton, Taurus 1000 models reported since 6860 yuan / ton.

The PVC market in Shanghai remains stable and continues to take a wait-and-see approach. The price of various ordinary stone materials is 6320-6390 yuan/ton, Beiyuan is 6320 yuan/ton, Zhongtai is 6400 yuan/ton, Tianchen Tianliang is 6390 yuan/ton, Tianye 3 is 6670 yuan/ Ton, Tianye 7 type raised 6500 yuan/ton, ethylene method offer remained stable.

Changzhou PVC market sideways, adjustment space is limited, and more active shipments. The price of various ordinary stone materials is 6250-6330 yuan / ton, Jun is expected to report 6280 yuan / ton, Qilu material is reported to 6950-7250 yuan / ton, the implementation of a little more flexible.

Fourth, the latest price quoted in Shaanxi Jintai PVC price reduction, the device full production, type 5 electric stone factory drop 100 yuan / ton reported 6050-6100 yuan / ton cash, implementation is slightly flexible.

Inner Mongolia Triplex's PVC price is lowered, the installation starts normally, and with the shipments, type 5 electric stone factory is down 200 yuan / ton to 6050 yuan / ton acceptance, foreign exchange is lower 50 yuan / ton, the main issue of South China, East China, real single can be negotiated .

Shandong Dongyue PVC price stability, the device starts 4-5 into, 5 type electric stone factory report 6800 yuan / ton acceptance, spot exchange is low about 150 yuan, the implementation of lower prices.

V. The market outlook forecasted that the external stimulus was insufficient, supply pressure persisted, the overall wait-and-see atmosphere was relatively strong, and the downstream users' purchasing enthusiasm was poor. Some merchants continued to concede profits, and the turnover was weak. Businesses will be accompanied by market shipments, and some minor adjustments still have operations. The downstream replenishment volume was limited and the overall turnover was light. It is expected that the PVC market will remain stable and small in the short term.

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