What are the brands of hot water circulation pumps? Which hot water circulation pump brand is best?

What are the brands of hot water circulation pumps ? Which hot water circulation pump brand is best? What are the brands of hot water circulation pumps? Which hot water circulation pump brand is best? The hot water circulation pump is actually installed in most households now, but everyone is not very familiar with the name. The domestic hot water circulation pump is also called household circulating water pump, household circulator or something. When the faucet is turned on, the hot water will come out. Household water is very convenient. With it, washing, cooking, wiping the floor, and brushing the bowl are not a problem, so it is very popular and has become a necessity for our daily life. But some friends will be confused about this, the hot water circulation pump is easy to use? What about the price?

Hot water circulation pump brand

Domestic hot water circulation pumps have more titles, such as domestic hot water circulation systems, hot water circulation pumps, and an instant heater. With the development of the domestic hot water circulation pump industry, many well-known brands have emerged in the industry. These brands include: Grundfos, Midas, Wilo, Chaolong, Guanghe, Chenyuan, Han Yu, New Territories, McCorth, Fujiwara. , Ou Chi Da, Yang Chun, Lang Qi, Heng Ge and so on.

Here, Xiaobian should focus on the hot water circulation pump produced by Kunshan Oakland Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Company strength:

Founded in 2007, Kunshan Aolanke Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is an independent subsidiary of Hong Kong Aode Electromechanical Group. The company is located in Kunshan, the northwestern direction of the Pearl of the Yangtze River Delta. It is a high-temperature domestic research and development, production and sales. Professional manufacturer of circulating pumps. The company's products include high-lift, small-flow vortex pump and high-flow, medium-low lift centrifugal pump; it has the characteristics of small size, high temperature resistance, low noise, low vibration, exquisite appearance and stable performance, and has obtained CE certification in the EU; Temperature range -60~350 °C, circulating medium includes water, heat transfer oil, ethylene glycol, hydrocarbon solution, gear oil, hydraulic oil and other liquids; products are widely used in molds, rollers, boilers, sterilization, testing, reaction Cold and heat exchange temperature control equipment such as kettle; involving plastics, rubber, medicine, automobile, food, petroleum, chemical and other industries. The company takes "pursuing technological innovation, manufacturing quality products and providing professional services" as its core competitiveness; establishing professional technical team, fast service team and efficient management team to continuously meet customer and market needs, providing users with professional, high quality and thoughtful sales. Pre-sales service, and has been recognized and trusted by customers.



1. The pump body is made of all-copper material, with exquisite appearance, precision and high performance.

2, low noise, low energy consumption, no pulsation, fast flow rate, high lift, better stability.

3, on-site maintenance and maintenance is simple, reducing costs for users.


1. High-pressure feed water for clear water and hot water, and circulation of high-temperature liquid.

2. Feed water for low and medium pressure small boilers, oil supply for oil fuel boilers.

3. Recovery of high temperature hot water from boiler discharge.

4. The high temperature circulation system delivers liquid without particles.

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