What are the eight functions of the speed of light smart lock?

All along, traditional machinery is locked in the hidden dangers of a low safety factor. These simple door locks can be easily opened with some simple tools and the keys can easily be copied. Wireless cloud smart lock is a new type of product built on the Internet of Things technology. It can seamlessly connect with global standard products, allowing you to sit back and relax. Just take out your cell phone, enter the security code, tap the unlock button, and the door will automatically open for you. In addition, you no longer have to worry about forgetting to bring your keys or forget to bring your phone. Your family can unlock you remotely! For security, The smart lock has a more complete protection mechanism. When a specific person unlocks the door, the door lock is locked, the voltage is too low, and misoperations are repeated, you and your family can grasp it in time. Here we introduce a smart lock function, light speed up smart lock, a very good value for money smart lock!

Light speed up to eight functions of smart lock

1. Open lock mode: Fingerprint, password, remote control, credit card, mechanical key, remote control and other multiple ways to unlock;

2. Quick identification of fingerprints: Fast reading speed and high accuracy rate are the “hands” of your home safety.

3. Fingerprint storage capacity: 160 pieces;


4. One-card function: Any card such as property card, parking card, second-generation ID card, public transportation card with induction can be unlocked after being authorized;

5. Optional wireless remote control function: 50 meters within the remote unlock;

6. Anti-peeping password input function: To prevent others from peeping and opening the password, when the user unlocks the password using the password, you can enter any number as a garbled number in front of the correct unlock password, and then enter the correct password and press # to confirm the normal unlocking.

7. Optional remote unlocking function: connect to the central control system, and can connect the home central control host through the protocol Module to achieve remote unlock control;

8. Mechanical key unlock function: The product is equipped with an emergency mechanical key, allowing you to use more confidence.

The above is to introduce the eight functions of the speed of light smart lock, we hope to help you understand the smart lock information, avoid unnecessary mistakes in use, to better protect our family, no worries when traveling.

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