What bathroom glass door glass door explosion caused consumers to pay attention

The bathroom is a combination of toilets, toilets and baths. Residential toilets are generally private and public. The dedicated only serves the master bedroom; the public is connected to the public walkway and is shared by other family members and guests. According to the layout can be divided into independent, dual-use and compromise three. According to the form can be divided into semi-open, open and closed. The most popular is the semi-open type that distinguishes wet and dry zones. So, what kind of glass for the bathroom door is good? In general, we chose the glass door for the installation of our bathroom interior. One of the main functions of the glass door is to play a role of partition in the bathroom. Next we explain what the bathroom door glass is good, while enjoying the installation effect of the bathroom glass door, hoping to bring you reference value!

What kind of glass for bathroom door

First, bathroom door features:

1. Moisture resistance and deformation resistance.

2. Permeability and privacy.

3. Because of location problems, it is often not easy to open the door.


Second, the bathroom door of the top ten brands:

1. Emperor Qiao shower room (Top ten shower room brands, one of the earliest shower room brands in China, Guangzhou Huang Qiao Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.)

2. Ideal Shower Room (Ten Best Brands for Shower Room, Professional Brand, Foshan Ideal Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.)

3. Plus maple shower room (top ten brands of shower room, created in Vancouver, Canada, Wuxi/Zhongshan)

4. Furui shower room (top ten shower brand, Zhongshan Furui Sanitary Equipment Co., Ltd.)

5. Yali Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. (Ya Li Shower Room, Zhongshan Yali Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.)

6. Lisa ROSERY (professional manufacturer specializing in shower products, Lisa Sanitary Ware Factory, Haikou Town, Zhongshan City)

7. Apollo Appollo (China Famous Brand, Guangdong Famous Brand, Top Ten Shower House Brands, Guangzhou)

8. Wrigley ARROW (Top ten shower brands, Leroy Ceramics, China Top Brand, First Line Brand/ Brand)

9. Kohler shower room (the top ten brands in the shower room, in the United States in 1873, the world famous bathroom brand)

10. Orusha Orans (Shanghai Famous Brand, Top 10 Shower House Brands, Shanghai Venus Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.)


Third, bathroom door selection skills:

Bathroom door to buy a skill

We first need to look at the size of the bathroom in the home. If it is small, we need to make room for the bathroom as much as possible so as not to make our bathroom feel uncomfortable. The most effective way is to choose the door. When you choose the sliding door, if we choose the sliding door, we must choose a very good guide rail sliding door, which can effectively reduce our future troubles.

Bathroom door selection tips II

Of course, if your home's bathroom has a large enough area, we don't need to save this space at all. At this time, we can choose to open the doors with a lot of styles and good sealing. Such doors can provide consumers with a lot of choices. Today, the bathroom door we are going to talk about is also focused on opening the door.

Bathroom door shopping tips III

After the doors are opened, we should start with the material of the door. Generally, the bathroom is the wettest place in the whole family. Therefore, we must take this into consideration when selecting the door material. Currently, the steel on the market is available. The door has this feature, and the price is very cheap. Many small restaurants use such doors as bathroom doors.

Bathroom door shopping tips four

Although the plastic steel door can be used as a bathroom door, but its shape is not very good, so most of the home decoration still prefer to choose the aluminum alloy door, it is still very good moisture resistance, and affordable, style And the color is still more abundant, able to meet the low-end consumer groups.

Bathroom door shopping tips five

For many high-level consumer groups, the beauty of these two doors falls far short of their requirements. Therefore, they still choose wooden doors to make toilet doors, so that they are more in line with their home improvement style. When choosing this kind of door, we must choose the door line is made of solid wood or wood plastic, its moisture resistance is better than all solid wood doors.

Editor's summary: The above is what the bathroom door with a good glass, bathroom glass door explosion caused consumer concern related to the introduction, hoping to help meet the needs of friends! For more information, please continue to follow our website. You can also purchase more of your favorite products on Qijia Mall!

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