What brand of floor paint is good to paint properly?

As a kind of paint applied to the ground, it not only can effectively improve the living environment, but also can reduce the problems of dust and moisture. In many cases, if you look closely, you will find that the floor we walked through is floor paint. What are the advantages of ground paint ? What kind of place is suitable for use? Let's learn about it with Xiaobian.

What brand of ground paint is good

In general, this type of product is designed to prevent home floor skidding, and it can also reduce the scattering of many dusts and protect the ground. However, the number of brands on the market is innumerable. Bang, Dulux, China Resources, Ivy, Bauhinia, and so on, so in the purchase, you can pick these brands, all aspects are more secure.

How to choose the right floor paint

1, in the selection, we must try to understand its wear resistance and impact resistance, if used in the public area, for example, the big road, but also need to consider whether it can carry some heavyweight vehicles, or the ground through the weight Whether there will be peeling after rolling and so on.

2, another color is also considered on the one hand, before brushing, we must determine the selected color system, and the various colors to distinguish, so as to avoid construction errors occur, in terms of brightness, you should consider matte or light, this It depends on the environment.

3 major advantages of floor paint

1, wear resistance, no seams

As we all know, this type of product is a material that is painted directly on the ground, so it does not produce seams, can effectively ensure the overall aesthetics, but also make the entire floor look smooth and flat, so it is very popular.

2, anti-corrosion, dust

Because of their own materials, these products have superior anti-corrosion performance. In fact, if you carefully observe, many laboratories use this type of floor paint to protect the ground.

3, easy maintenance

Because there is no seam, and the surface is smooth, it is relatively easy to maintain. If there is dirt, just swipe or drag it with a damp cloth.

Summary: With regard to the ground paint to explain the content to this side, I believe that the partners have a better understanding of the advantages of the floor paint and purchase, of course, if you have better suggestions and ideas, please feel free to consult Xiao Bian.

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