What should you watch out for when installing the gate?

Residential door installation can not be with their own preferences, on the one hand to consider its safety, on the other hand also consider its feng shui, but many people think that as long as you buy a good quality door casually installed on it, this is actually Very insecure, Xiao Bian gave you today to talk about what issues need to pay attention to the installation of the door!

First, the size of the gate should be proportional to the house.

Second, the color should not be black, should be aligned with the five elements.

Third, the iron gate in front of the gate should not be closed, or shaped indecently, as a wire-shaped or jail-like shape.

Fourth, the door can not be skewed (slanted door and evil door homonym)

Fifth, the front door cannot be high and low.

Sixth, the old door should be replaced as soon as possible.

Seventh, the door cannot pass through the rear doors and windows (through heart house).

The eighth, the gate should cooperate with the Yang house learning method, it is related to healthy wealth. It is best to ask the Master to identify.

Ninth, cross beams can not be pressed on the gate.

Tenth, residential doors do not do arched doors.

Of course there will be some hacks. For example, when the door is pressed against a beam, especially a small suite-style building, the door leading to the outside of the building is directly pressed against the roof, and it will feel its pressure before entering and exiting, and it will have a bad influence on health. The method of cracking is to hang a joyous account in front of the door, or a cloth printed with a pattern of five blessings.

For example, the goal is to hedge, that is, the doors of two households on Feng Shui are to be together, and they will cross-infect each other with a bad gas field. It should be avoided. The crack method is that one of the families enters the gate and separates the entrance space so that the helium swirls and will not be inserted into the room like a razor blade.

There is also a door to open the ladder, usually the common type of apartment-style house opened the door, immediately encountered down the stairs or the elevator, so that people will suddenly go out and feel down, nervous, prone to car accidents, money can not keep live. The method of cracking is to place a mirror on the wall or corner of the stairs. The refraction in the mirror makes the stairs go upwards, or post the bird's pattern to raise the fortune of birds flying high.

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