Which new Chinese soft decoration paintings have more Chinese charm?

Among the new Chinese-style decoration styles, decorative paintings are very common, usually the kind of paintings and paintings with Chinese traditional culture. Which new Chinese soft decoration paintings are more Chinese charm! It is more suitable for use in the new Chinese style decoration home. The following decoration home network Xiaobian will give you a detailed introduction.


New Chinese soft decoration painting:

Meilan Zhuju is known as the four great gentlemen of China. Reflecting these four elements, it is a very good embodiment when used in a home with a new Chinese style. The painting itself has Chinese characteristics, and when it is decorated, it can bring some elements that have a modern atmosphere. At the same time, the use of some modern style sofas echoes the Chinese style decorative paintings, which is not only practical but also the pursuit of traditional culture. .

"The Two Songs of the Bamboo Slips" can be described as one of the classics of this kind. The bamboo has the meaning of keeping the peace since ancient times, and the content of the high-wind festival, as well as the meaning of the high rise. Bamboo is also a symbol of literati, many people like to plant bamboo in the courtyard, quiet and elegant, not dying in winter, proud. This work is from Li Chuanbo's hand. It is a bamboo stand proudly. It is used on the wall of the new Chinese style decoration. It shows the quality of the director Gao Jie, and also conveys the meaning of the family's life step by step, hanging above the sofa wall. It is definitely very suitable.

The domineering inspirational ancient poetry calligraphy is hung in the home, and it can inspire people to be inspiring. It is very practical for both adults and children. If these ancient poems are from the hands of celebrities, then they are more culturally rich, and with the modern minimalist furniture, fully in line with the aesthetic requirements of modern people, this is the first choice for the enduring new Chinese soft decoration paintings.

The same inspirational calligraphy name hangs on the wall of your own home, and can also bring a little positive energy to the family. On the color matching, the white ash can be a clever combination, which can play the role of embellishment. "Guan Yuan Chun Xue" is the classic handed down work of our great leader Chairman Mao. The grand momentum is absolutely the spirit of the emperor. The calligraphy works are very powerful, and they are soft and sturdy. After a busy day, I returned home and faced this painting and calligraphy, revisiting the feelings of the ancients, and also an incentive for the current life.

It is well known that the four-character idioms contain infinity. Among the new Chinese-style soft-decorated decorative paintings, four-character idiom calligraphy is also very popular. In the modern life of the hustle and bustle, looking for a quiet, looking for a pure land, isn't your home the best choice? The idiom of "Secret Zhiyuan" is about the story of Liu An in the Western Han Dynasty, meaning that the situation is stable. Being calm can only accumulate, but it is not that the owner is self-confident all day long, without any pursuit.


In the modern life, what we lack is such a state of mind and state of mind. Home is a cozy harbor. In the new Chinese style home, let the quiet stay at home, stay away from the hustle and bustle, and stay away from the people and things that make your heart irritate, and enjoy this peace and beauty with your family. To find the true self. This four-character idiom is very suitable for use as a decorative painting in the living room and study room of the home.

The above is the full content of the new Chinese soft decoration paintings brought to you by Xiaobian. I believe that after reading this article, you have a basic understanding of the new Chinese soft decoration paintings. If you want to know more about decoration consultation, please Click to enter the decoration encyclopedia section.

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