Who is the decoration of the family's favor?

Scholarly door parquet Mona Lisa tiles

Reasons to fall in love with the floor

1. Beautiful and durable

Appearance looks more beautiful, is a natural wood species, can be a good representation of a person's quality of life.

2. Feel comfortable

In order to ensure the wear life of the ground, public places with large amount of wear have to choose harder floor materials, while living areas such as the living room use wooden floors with better elasticity, which not only makes the foot comfortable, but also greatly reduces the impact noise to the floor. It fundamentally solved the problem of excessive noise and made the room more warm and peaceful.

3. The use of geothermal heating insulation performance is good

Compared with traditional heating methods, taking geothermal heating it has a large radiant surface, relatively low temperature required for water supply, and is an energy-saving and environmental-friendly heating method; due to the increase of hot gas, the entire floor uniformly heats radiation, so that the temperature difference in the room is small. The warm feeling of the feet but not the heat of the head; long service life, maintenance and maintenance costs are lower than traditional heating methods, economic benefits.

4. The price is a little cheaper, and the construction is simple and free to install

The installation method of the wooden floor is simple, and the dealer's price includes the auxiliary material fee and the construction labor fee, so it can be installed free of charge.

The advantages of tiles:

1. Easy to clean and maintain, easy to hide, no air pollutants

2. Long service life, generally can use 10-20 years

3. Fire, waterproof, anti-corrosion performance

4. Environmental protection

5. Rich shape

If you want enough convenience, choose tiles. In any building materials market, there are tiles of various sizes, colors, and patterns. Using a piece of floor tile can spell out your own family life. Moreover, the tiles are particularly convenient to take care of, and they can be cleaned very cleanly. The tiles do not need to be wet or scratched by hard objects.

Second, shortcomings exposure

Understand the floor defects

There are five reasons to abandon the choice of floor: It is greatly affected by the weather and humidity; It needs regular maintenance; It is easy to deform after flooding; There is formaldehyde release; The service life is relatively short.

Wood flooring is indeed beautiful and natural, comfortable foot feeling, good insulation properties, good things often need to pay more labor, wooden flooring is easy to deform and start to warp, how much will have formaldehyde emission, it is harmful to health. Not easy to take care of, often have to wax for maintenance.

Recognize the defects of the tiles

There are four main disadvantages of ceramic tiles: household comfort, poor thermal insulation, limited use of the area, radioactive contamination of individual tiles, high cost, complex paving, cumbersome construction, and more man-hours.

Tiles are hard on the soles of the feet, and they feel less warm. Especially in wet weather, it is easy to slip, and there are limitations on the use of tiles.

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