Wood door hardware "lifetime maintenance" is not "lifelong maintenance"

Hardware is like our joints, often forgotten, but it is the body's cost, so hardware is also an important leader in maintaining the life of furniture and wooden doors. Due to the five-cost prediction of hardware consumption, most companies do not promise lifetime maintenance of hardware, and the company's "lifelong maintenance" is not "lifelong maintenance."

Because of the consumableness of hardware, many furniture brands dare not give too high warranty period, but in fact, because of the special nature of hardware, it requires more perfect quality, so consumers should ask: Hardware should not This lifetime warranty?
Hardware into a blind spot

When you buy a large piece of furniture such as a wardrobe or a wooden door, will you pay attention to the details of the hardware? It may be a blind spot for most consumers. Taking the wardrobe as an example, almost all the wardrobe salesmen did not explain the hardware when they sold the wardrobe. If they did not ask, then the hardware problem became a blind spot of this consumption, no one asked. Even some brands do not mark the hardware after-sales warranty issue on the contract, so once the small part has a problem, the consumer will be unclear.

In fact, although the hardware is small, it is related to the life of large pieces of furniture to a certain extent. A large wardrobe, a bookcase, a wooden door... The manufacturers of these products are experts in the selection and use of wood. They can tell at a glance which piece of wood is suitable for the door panel, which piece of wood is suitable for the partition, but they may not Good at producing quality hardware.

And hardware as a connection point, its flexibility and service life are largely related to the use of the overall product. If the hardware is broken early, the opening and closing of the cabinet door is not smooth, the faucet switch is very difficult, and the toilet is always leaking... So even if the product quality is too good, it is just a defective product. In this case, consumers are required to raise the awareness of detail, pay attention to the whole while not forgetting to pay attention to the quality of the hardware and the after-sales warranty.

Most merchants do not promise hardware lifetime warranty

It is understood that some mainstream brands are currently committed to hardware within three years warranty. Within three years, the hardware has a problem with free warranty and overdue fees. There are also individual brands, due to the use of high quality imported hardware, commitment to hardware lifetime warranty, as long as the problem is free of charge. In this regard, the industry said that the commitment to lifelong warranty is the confidence of their products, but also reflects the product quality is good. But a commitment to a lifetime warranty is a test for the business, so brands often take a cautious approach.

The mainstream brand hardware warranty is usually three years, but this is only general. For example, the hardware used on the inner door and the wooden door, even the same quality hardware of the same brand, has different warranty periods in different places. In this regard, the relevant person explained: "The frequency of use of the inner door is much higher than that of the wooden door, so the loss of hardware is also more serious, so the warranty date of the hardware used for the inner door is shorter than that of the wooden door."

Lifelong maintenance is not likely to be ignored by the "lifetime warranty"

For the hardware warranty, some brands offer a three-year free warranty and lifetime maintenance commitment. The so-called "lifelong maintenance" does not mean that it can be "free for life." Now more and more brands are committed to giving consumers a "lifetime warranty". Does this mean providing free services during the use of furniture? According to industry insiders, the warranty is free and charged. Consumers often hear that the one-year warranty period means that the warranty is free for one year, and for more than one year. For the lifetime warranty, some brands use this as a selling point to build a brand image, but in fact, they do not really have a lifetime free warranty, or will charge a fee. Therefore, remind consumers, goodbye "lifelong warranty" words, should be vigilant, ask more, is a lifetime "free" warranty?

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Label: Wood Door Hardware "Lifetime Maintenance" is not "Lifetime Maintenance"

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