Wuhan Medical Design Institute CAD software application case

Founded in 1969, China Pharmaceutical Group Wuhan Pharmaceutical Design Institute is a Grade A medical design institute directly under the former State Administration of Medicine. After 40 years of development, it has formed a professional complete set, strong technical force, wide business scope and design field. A number of multi-industry integrated level A design units based on pharmaceutical design.

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Electrical design is an important part of the Wuhan Medical Design Institute. Due to the unique nature of the pharmaceutical industry, the electrical drawings required to meet the needs of the hospital's power system for stable and safe operation, so its stability and standardization of electrical design software. Has a very high demand. When purchasing CAD software, the design institute put this point in a prominent position.

In addition, because electrical CAD software belongs to professional software, it often requires strong pre-sales training and after-sales service as support to ensure the software performance as soon as possible. Therefore, the design of the hospital's leadership requires that the CAD software should not only be in line with the software used by the designer, but also require the software supplier to provide thoughtful and prompt service to ensure the effectiveness of the software.
After comprehensive trials, comprehensive inspections, comprehensive functions, and cost-effectiveness of mainstream CAD software such as Haochen CAD and AuoCAD, Wuhan Medical Design Institute has set its sights on domestic CAD software. In the further selection, the design institute finally decided to purchase Haochen CAD electrical software.

At present, Haochen CAD electrical software has been successfully operated in Wuhan Medical Design Institute for several years. After verification, in the past few years, Haochen CAD electrical software has greatly improved the design efficiency of the design institute. The design of the design institute's general evaluation of Haochen CAD electrical software is stable, compatible, and highly standardized, which can well meet the design needs of the design institute.

Through the use of Haochen CAD electrical software, the design institute has completed a large number of civil and industrial construction projects, and can efficiently complete the work while maintaining high cost performance, which provides a strong guarantee for the work of the design institute. Overall, the design institute is very satisfied with the use of Haochen CAD electrical software, and the two sides are also expected to reach further cooperation intentions.

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