Zhao Kai: The industry lacks professional third-party institutions to guide

When it comes to drinking water, everyone is an "expert"; but how to really drink water correctly and drink water safely seems to have become a major problem that plagues Chinese people. With the rapid increase of water pollution in recent years, more and more people are paying attention to related industries such as water purifiers; but they are faced with complicated markets and do not know the choice of what to choose. In response to this, one of the leading companies in the water purifier industry, Mr. Zhao Kai, Vice President of Angel Drinking Water Industry Group Co., Ltd., listened to his share of water purification. Interview time: June 10, 2014 Interview location: Qingdao, China Interviewer: Zhao Kai, Vice President of Shenzhen Angel Drinking Water Industry Group Co., Ltd. []: Mr. Zhao, Hello, thank you for accepting our interview! Now that the semi-annual period has passed, if you want to summarize the whole development of Angel in the first half of this year in one word or one sentence, what kind of words would you use to describe it? [Zhao Kai]: We should say that we are accumulating strength in the first half of the year. There may be some big moves in the second half and next year. Now the specific actions are not well disclosed, and they are still in the process of internal preparation. And this action is not only a product aspect, it may be in every aspect. 【 】: What is the purpose of Angel to attend this meeting today? What kind of discourse or opinion would you like to be able to spread through this meeting? [Zhao Kai]: This conference is a home water purification forum initiated by the China Water Purification Association. It mainly invites some domestic well-known household water purification enterprises to conduct some discussions and discussions on several issues that are of more concern to everyone. At the same time, they are also preparing to launch a China Cleanwater Industry Innovation Alliance. Because the Ministry of Science and Technology has carried out an activity to encourage enterprises to carry out technological innovation, and at the same time vigorously develop technological innovation alliances, including cross-industry technology innovation alliances. As far as water purification is concerned, I personally think that it is the most qualified for technological innovation; The special water purification industry is not the same as other home appliance industries, because the products used in the water purification industry are still not easy to use, and the quality is very good, which has a great relationship with the local water quality. Other home appliances, foreign big brands come in, the influence is very big, everyone likes to use foreign brands, the quality is very good, very easy to use, very convenient. However, the industry of clean water is not like this. Foreign products are doing well. It may not be suitable for the local water quality in China. Therefore, the technological innovation of the water purification industry should be relatively conditional. How can we develop it to suit each country? Water purification products in different regions can truly meet the needs of our customers and solve their needs for drinking water shortages and improvements, so I think this is a very meaningful job. []: We just saw and learned at the scene that many companies are intelligent in water purifiers, including intelligent control with WIFI. So, does Angel have such intelligent products launched? [Zhao Kai]: We are also doing some research and development, but I think the overall direction is to give customers a better experience, how to make customers feel particularly convenient and easy to use, not just good-looking, not only in the mall, And it's really good to use, it feels good to drink, it is very convenient to use, this is very important, so we want to do more work in these areas. []: Like many of the current e-commerce models, compared to other home products, it should be said that the water purifier is very good for e-commerce, then Angel has done some e-commerce? [Zhao Kai]: We have set up a marketing department dedicated to e-commerce. E-commerce is different from other products in terms of clean water, because water purification products require installation and after-sales service. If you do not have a perfect installation and after-sales service network, e-commerce is not very good. For example, if you put a water purifier, he buys it online, and it is not very troublesome if you send it to him. The key is to do a good job in the network of your after-sales service, then you can have a connection with your online sales. We have service outlets all over the country, which makes it easier to do this. Now Angel is doing more promotion work; at the same time, e-commerce has also developed some products suitable for online sales. We call online sales, maybe there are some differences under the line. [ 】: There are many consumers who know that water purifiers are very important, but he doesn't know how to buy products. I don't know how the water purifier is good. Is it still when the company promotes the water purifier? Is there a big shortage? [Zhao Kai]: Actually, this is a very big problem. I also talked about this matter at the meeting yesterday. What kind of work do we need to form this association? I think that a very important job is to give our consumers a fair, just and correct guidance. That is to say, what kind of water purifier you should use is most suitable for you. At present, this matter is actually quite chaotic. For example, if we go to the mall to buy a water purifier, there may be promoters for each different brand. It’s a big deal, and the concept is very speculative. This customer tends to make a turn. Each promoter is an expert. I can tell a lot of high-level things, and finally he listens to it, and can't figure out which one to buy. From the perspective of the company, it is understandable to promote its own products. However, there is no relatively fair third-party organization that can give customers a correct guidance. It seems that I still do relatively little in this respect. Let me make an analogy. Actually, what is wrong with our country's water now? There are a lot of unexpected incidents, and there are many unexpected incidents of water pollution. You have also noticed that the information is very developed now. Once there is a sudden incident, the whole country knows it. After this sudden incident is over, let us pay attention to what are the main problems that occur in emergencies? Most of them are industrial pollution, chemical pollution, and of course, some agricultural pesticide pollution. These things happen suddenly, so what kind of water purifiers do our customers need? It is very important that you can guarantee the safety of drinking water at any time, regardless of your emergency. For example, some water purifiers on the market now advertise that I can remove a certain kind of pollution, and the effect is particularly good. Some go to lead, some go to toxic substances, but the sudden pollution is completely uncertain. It is not very useful in China to remove a certain kind of pollution alone. In fact, what I think consumers need is the overall purification ability of this product. No matter what kind of pollutants come, it is very important that my "goalkeeper" can hold and ensure the safety of my drinking water. But now the propaganda says that they are not very concerned about these aspects. [ 】: In fact, we did a survey on clean water on the Internet two days ago. The 70, 80, and 90 age groups attach great importance to drinking water safety, but they can’t say when they buy. I know that this brand has a good water purifier, so I went to buy this brand of water purifier. Is it possible for companies to pay less attention to advertising products? [Zhao Kai]: I think the first possibility is the lack of standardized guidance. At the same time, it is not that our company promotes less water purifiers. There may be a lot of advertisements for TV sets and mobile phones. Including the advertisements I have seen in many air purifiers now, but I don’t see any advertisements for drinking fountains, very few, unless I see some TV shopping stations may have a little; some companies do advertising mainly to promote his own products. To highlight the selling point of his own products, to do the key propaganda and even the hype, but he certainly can't say which point he can't do, this is for sure. One of my classmates called me last time. He encountered this problem in Shenzhen. He went to buy a water purifier and ran to the mall to make a round call. He said that I found that each brand's promoters are Expert level, I went to a brand counter to give me a class, told a lot of very high things, I seem to understand, but I did not know which one to buy, because each has a different selling point, each They all talked about a lot of selling points, and finally they couldn't figure out what they were. He didn't know which one is the most urgent need. This is the problem that exists now. And nowadays, everyone is very fancy and very dazzling about the appearance of the product, and it has changed a lot of appearance every year. However, I feel that the technology that can improve water purification can satisfy consumers. Consumers buy water purifiers for the safety of drinking water. How to do better in this area seems to be not enough. [ 】: So we are going to unite some companies and associations to promote the "Water Purification White Paper", through our efforts to do some related promotion, tell consumers that water purifiers can be used like this, or what is the state of our water use, Do you have any suggestions for our event? [Zhao Kai]: I think this is quite good. Actually, it is a science popularization for customers. Each water machine has different functions. For example, some microbes, bacteria are good, some have very good taste, and some have very heavy metals. Well, some arsenic, lead and toxic substances are very good, some are very good in pesticides, and there are a lot of publicity, but what should our customers do? I think we can give you some guidance in this section, for example, you use it in the city. What kind of water purifier should be used is better. 【 】:Thank you.

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